A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game made for Alakajam 5. [Submission Link]

You were just enabled. Your name is #42.  Your apparently the 42nd attempt at recovering the 4 elemental gems.  Your mission is to recover the 4 elemental gems, learning what ever magics needed along the way.

Controls - many of the controls are indicated on screen, however the common 3rd person controls are not.

Note: Set Graphics to High or Higher to get shadows to turn on.

  • KB/Mouse
    • WASD - Move
    • Mouse - Camera
    • Space Jump
    • Right mouse - Use Ability
    • ESC - pause menu
  • Controller (XBox)
    • Left stick - Move
    • Right stick - Camera
    • Y - Jump
    • X - Use Ability
    • Start - Pause

V1.1 Updates:

  • 3-4 hours of post jam fleshing out of 8 levels.


AEEP_Windows_v1.1.zip 21 MB
AEEP_Linux_v1.1.tar.xz 16 MB
AEEP_MacOS_v1.1.tar.xz 15 MB


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