A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Western RPG for my 12 Games in 12 Weeks Challenge. Making 12 Minimal Viable Product level games in 12 weeks.

Challenge information here: https://12games12weeks.blogspot.com/

Update 12/19/18 - Add Lock on


  • Keyboard/mouse:
    • WASD or Arrow keys to move
    • Space to Jump & Select Menu options
    • Mouse to move camera
    • left click to attack (Time for attack Chain)
    • hold right mouse to lock on
    • esc for pause menu
  • X-box (compatible) controller
    • Left Stick to move
    • Right Stick for Camera
    • A to Jump / Menu select
    • X to attack (Time for attack Chain)
    • LB to Lock on
    • Start for pause menu 


  • Jump on floor switches to activate them!
  • Select your Level up ability in the Pause Menu.


12G12W_WRPG_Linux_v1.1.tar.xz 15 MB
12G12W_WRPG_MacOS_v1.1.tar.xz 14 MB
12G12W_WRPG_Windows_v1.1.zip 17 MB

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