Legend of the 4 Orbs has been released.

After 80 hours of dev work, Legend of the 4 Orbs is now playable on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Legend of the 4 Orbs is a 2D Top down ARPG game designed after various old school game. Focusing on exploration and discovery, it also contains multiple boss battles, puzzles to solve, and quests to go on.

Game was made in about 80h of development work, started as part of the 100Days of game dev challenge.

Any feedback is appreciated.


LegendOfThe4Orbs_Windows.zip 18 MB
Dec 20, 2019
LegendOfThe4Orbs_Linux.tar.xz 16 MB
Dec 20, 2019
LegendOfThe4Orb.zip 20 MB
Dec 20, 2019

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