A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

V1.1 update:

  • New Island
  • Wind Zones
  • Upgraded Sky Reaches
  • 3 Total Days of Missions

Your mission... If you choose to accept it, is to deliver goods and people around the islands around JamLand Island.  Don't crash or run out of fuel (the copters seem to explode for no reason when landed and out of fuel).

Game Made in 48 hours for the Game Dev Underground Jim Jam Game Jam.  

Theme: Inspiration


AdroidConceptionsJimJamLinux_V1.1.tar.xz 19 MB
AdroidConceptionsJimJamOSX_V1.1.tar.xz 17 MB
AdroidConceptionsJimJamWindows_V1.1.zip 20 MB

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