Alpha 0.0.10 Demo Build

Demo Files updated to v0.0.10a.

Change log:

  • Updated Shock Training Target

    • Updated modeling & added a chain so it wasn't just a white ball floating in the air
    • Made it 'Pop' when destroyed
  • Replaced prototyping model for falling bridge with a better model
  • Code
    • Cleaned up some random code issues
    • Did some refactoring
  • Added the Build's version number to the in game UI
  • Added a progress bar showing the charge rate of the ability activation
  • Added Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Added Camera Focal Distance/blur
  • Created some new UI Sprites
  • New HP bar
  • Targeting Indicator no longer targets through walls
  • Fixed some colliders that caused some odd behavior
  • Added Icons to UI to indicate which button to press to use/swap abilities
  • Fixed Player attack Chain issue, movement issue
  • Instablocks no longer teleport to the player respawn point when they fall
  • Drinking a Healing potion no longer causes an attack
  • Started on a new Skybox design


Artificer's Journey Alpha Demo - 67 MB
Jun 29, 2019
Artificer's Journey Alpha Demo - Linux.tar.xz 99 MB
Jun 29, 2019
Artificer's Journey Alpha Demo - MacOS.tar.xz 64 MB
Jun 29, 2019

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